Help! my pencil is broken…..and my teacher suffers from dementia

My blog title states that  this is a space where I will express my thoughts, feelings and progress in my upcoming course, e-learning and digital cultures. Well today’s blog will focus mainly on how I am feeling. Right now I am frustrated. This old computer is slow,lacks memory and continually causes feelings of impatience, frustration,and borderline anger. I rarely get angry and explode. I just simmer and seethe, grit my teeth and sometimes mumble. 

I am still feeling overwhelmed with the wealth of information I’m finding on the Net and from the blogs, postings, and twitters of fellow classmates. I am still wandering in spite of my effort to stay focused. Well this morning, I found the most wonderful site, a place where I can stay focused for a while until our virtual course begins. Here’s where I become frustrated and impatient. I knew this old computer wouldn’t stand up to the demands that I would be placing on it, so after Christmas, I bought myself a new computer.I had to order this computer and WAIT. That was hard enough.Right now this streamlined, beautiful, fast and full of memory new computer is at the store, just sitting there,waiting for the Geek Squad to add some software. I probably could have done that myself, but I’d paid for the Geek service for 2 years and wanted to get my money’s worth. Anyway, I have to WAIT for them to get around to doing it. Impatience rears it’s ugly head. 

So, I find this wonderful site full of wonderful articles and this piece of ….decrepit,bits and bytes won’t share it’s abundance of knowledge that I so desperately desire. It’s stalled and faulty memory causes me to become FRUSTRATED and instead of walking away and doing something else, I persist in hopes that somehow, after rebooting and waiting and waiting, I will be able to read this wonderful article and share what I’ve found with my friends.

And here is the the site and the article that I’ve found so appealing.Image


Now, that I’ve finally posted this. my feelings of impatience and frustration dwindle away and a sense of accomplishment takes place. 

Three fourths of this Visual depiction of Learning Theory sums up my life as a teacher for the past 35 years. It’s the other fourth, The Connectivism approach, that excites me. Despite the impatience and frustration, I will persevere and hopefully maintain connection in this digital realm. Geek Squad…. HURRY UP! PLEASE!


Just roaming around

After scanning twitter and our FB EDCmooc group, I decided to form some kind of clear direction on what I want to learn in this upcoming course. After re reading the course description, this is what I am hoping for….

1. gain a deeper understanding of what it means to teach and learn in this digital age.

2. examine the relationship between people and technology and how that will improve my teaching

3. learn how digital cultures intersect with learning cultures online

4. examine how learning and literacy is represented in cyber culture

5. How does the influence of popular digital culture influence our understanding of e-learning.

6. Learn various visual methods of presenting knowledge and conveying understanding

7. Grapple with the concept of post humanism

In my roaming around cyberspace, I came upon the course work of previous E learning and digital culture students. Granted their course was 10 weeks long, but if what some of them produced is an example of what is expected in this course…. well I’m not sure I have what it takes.  just Google E-learning and digital cultures 2011 and see what I mean.

Another tidbit gleaned from my wanderings is…..drum roll please…  I now know what TED stands for..

Technology Entertainment Design, an organization devoted to Ideas worth spreading

or Think, Exchange, Debate

I’m always happy when I learn something new, even if everyone else knew about it long before I did.  Other reasons I’m happy…

I am happy to have formed new connections,happy to be using new platforms and experience different social media, happy to find new ways to engage learners, however, all these happy feelings are overshadowed by this most important hope……

Here’s hoping that I “got what it takes”