#edcmooc Sterile,Impersonal,Sinister,Cage …First Impressions of Week 2 Clips

After viewing this weeks film clips   “‘A Day Made of Glass “, “Productivity Future Vision”,” Sight “, and  ” Charlie 13″, I spent quite a bit of time reflecting and contemplating. We are asked this week to decide” who is set to benefit from the personal, constant attention of IT and who might lose out” We are also asked to present the analysis of the films in a visual way. I used  Animoto, to present my first impressions of the film clips.

My first thoughts on the film clip “A Day Made of Glass” was not everyone can afford this lifestyle. Yes, the technology provides a crisp, clean, efficient yet sanitized and sterile view of the future. That may be someone’s version of Utopia, but not mine. Everything in that family’s life is too neat, too clean, too orderly. WE all know that is not the case. Real life is messy. The future art class depicted in Corning’s film clip bears no resemblance to the art classes that I taught to my first graders years ago. Smocks or over sized tee shirts were donned to protect clothes from the inevitable spills smears and splashes that normally  occur when first graders begin to paint. Manipulating colored circles on glass and then viewing photos of objects on glass? That is not creating art. Art involves, textures, feeling, and smell. Art involves mixing and  manipulating color. Art involves actually using a paintbrush and paint.Art is #D not 2 dimensional. Above all, art involves creating something out of something else.  The only people who benefit from the art class in that film clip, was the Corning Corp… for selling the glass.

Microsoft’s “Productivity Future Vision” film shows some interesting uses of technology. Who wouldn’t want a pair of glasses that has a built in language translator. It certainly would make travel to foreign countries easier. Instant access to hotel registration, room keys and a manager  certainly benefits the tech owners. Again I question, who will be able to afford such devices? Microsoft’s claim is that  “this future technology will help  people make better use of their time, focus their attention and strengthen their relationships while getting things done at work, at home and on the go.” Strengthen relationships? The mother and daughter are miles apart and attempt to bond by sharing a recipe via Smart phone. This is not building a relationship, but a poor facsimile. Relationship building involves spending time together, talking, sharing, laughing, actually constructing the recipe and enjoying the finished product together. Mother and daughter side by side, not miles apart. Microsoft’s tools may make work easier, but missed the mark when they claim that it will strenghthen relationships.

Considering the question,”What is going on in the film clip, “Sight?” took some analysis, I had to watch the clip several times and even after discussing some important points in a Synchtube session with my “peeps”, I had a hard time understanding the ending. Perhaps that is, because I can’t fathom a person so vile would misuse a gaming product in order to control another human being. In the clip, a gaming addict uses a dating app to “score” on a date. Yes, the pun is intentional. When the date or game doesn’t turn out the way he likes, he manipulates and controls the woman  to suit himself. She wants to leave and gets up to do so, but is prevented by his command “STOP!”. Apparently the news clip we see on the TV during their date informing the public  that the gamer’s Company is under investigation, has merit. Here is a most sinister aspect of gaming and what can happen if unscrupulous people change gaming programs for their own benefit. Manipulation and mind control are not the kinds of experiences I look forward to in the future. It seems that dystopian versions of the future far outweigh utopian versions.

The last clip”Charlie 13″ represents both Dystopian and Utopian views of “social and technological forces at work in society.” No one wants to live in a police state where an embedded chip in your finger tracks every movement you make, where you’re constantly  under surveillance. Charlie’s friend, Jack, appears to accept such control as inevitable when he says, “the NAU have eyes everywhere, other ways of tracking us,even sensors in birds.” Charlie represents freedom.The world beyond the fence, his “cage” will be his salvation. He still has the courage to fight the system of government control and resists the idea that he must remain in the city to be safe.  It’s interesting that his mother gives him a compass as a birthday gift. Something useless in the world they live in, but something very important in the world he must escape to. Charlie’s life in the city will already be mapped out for him and all freedom taken away once that chip is embedded. Perhaps his mother subconsciously wants a better life for him. Giving him a tool he would need in a world without fence.,giving him a means of navigating in his world of new found freedom is her gift to him. The Dystopian world that Charlie 13 lives in can be left behind with the hope of finding something better, something perhaps utopian.


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