Help! my pencil is broken…..and my teacher suffers from dementia

My blog title states that  this is a space where I will express my thoughts, feelings and progress in my upcoming course, e-learning and digital cultures. Well today’s blog will focus mainly on how I am feeling. Right now I am frustrated. This old computer is slow,lacks memory and continually causes feelings of impatience, frustration,and borderline anger. I rarely get angry and explode. I just simmer and seethe, grit my teeth and sometimes mumble. 

I am still feeling overwhelmed with the wealth of information I’m finding on the Net and from the blogs, postings, and twitters of fellow classmates. I am still wandering in spite of my effort to stay focused. Well this morning, I found the most wonderful site, a place where I can stay focused for a while until our virtual course begins. Here’s where I become frustrated and impatient. I knew this old computer wouldn’t stand up to the demands that I would be placing on it, so after Christmas, I bought myself a new computer.I had to order this computer and WAIT. That was hard enough.Right now this streamlined, beautiful, fast and full of memory new computer is at the store, just sitting there,waiting for the Geek Squad to add some software. I probably could have done that myself, but I’d paid for the Geek service for 2 years and wanted to get my money’s worth. Anyway, I have to WAIT for them to get around to doing it. Impatience rears it’s ugly head. 

So, I find this wonderful site full of wonderful articles and this piece of ….decrepit,bits and bytes won’t share it’s abundance of knowledge that I so desperately desire. It’s stalled and faulty memory causes me to become FRUSTRATED and instead of walking away and doing something else, I persist in hopes that somehow, after rebooting and waiting and waiting, I will be able to read this wonderful article and share what I’ve found with my friends.

And here is the the site and the article that I’ve found so appealing.Image


Now, that I’ve finally posted this. my feelings of impatience and frustration dwindle away and a sense of accomplishment takes place. 

Three fourths of this Visual depiction of Learning Theory sums up my life as a teacher for the past 35 years. It’s the other fourth, The Connectivism approach, that excites me. Despite the impatience and frustration, I will persevere and hopefully maintain connection in this digital realm. Geek Squad…. HURRY UP! PLEASE!


6 thoughts on “Help! my pencil is broken…..and my teacher suffers from dementia

  1. Hopefully your frustrations will pass soon Willa! I love your graphic. Connectivism is a long way from where we started. I still don’t know how this will pan out. I guess we will see in time. Did you ever see this one? Very interesting on the evolution of “distance” education.
    Doesn’t the term “distance” seem so inappropriate now?

  2. Thanks, Angela, for your comment and the link to that very interesting article. There’s so much to digest in that one! I did enjoy the dance analogy, “We’ve argued earlier that for optimal performances, the pedagogy and the technology must create an engaging and compelling dance (Anderson, 2009). The technology is the music setting the tempo, the beat, the timbre and the compelling melodies. The pedagogy defines the choreography, directing the dancers sweeping motions, graceful extensions and enduring embraces. Together, technology and pedagogy reveal and develop our human creativity and responsiveness and allow us to learn effectively and enjoyably. ” We have come along way from the postal method of distance learning, to sitting in a classroom in front of a TV and posing questions to the instructor via telephone, to online courses. I participated in all types. My whole teaching philosophy and practice has been tipped upside down, (I wonder if that’s a dance move?) I certainly embrace the idea of trashing the prospect of learners as consumers of information and lauding the notions of learners as creators of content. I am so blessed that you are one of my significant others in this personal learning environment that I’ve created for myself. I don’t know how this will all pan out either, but the article that you just sent me gives me a better idea of what our course developers may glean from all of our socialization and learning.

  3. Hi, Willa
    It seems like forever since we’ve chatted. Remember when you wondered where everyone was in regards to our class? Ah, be careful what you wish out loud! I am sure that I’ve seen this image before. It’s probably in my Diigo account. Edudemic is an excellent site. Connectivism is so new that it’s not included in the textbook with other learning theories. (I checked our adult learning “bible” and it wasn’t there. The last illustration really emphasizes how important it is for the learner to recognize and connect. Without these two elements, learning is rather incomplete, yes?

    One of the most exciting aspects of taking a class such as this one is the enthusiasm that it generates, the willingness of individuals to form weak links quickly and to help and share. It’s all about the sharing.

    Stay strong, and try not to heave the olde-tyme computer out the window until you know that the new one runs like a charm! Congratulations to you!

    • Thanks for your comment. I do have a new computer and am now able to upload videos etc. I’m sure I will need more sophisticated apps for creating the end of the course visual artifact. The huge number in this MOOC already makes me feel less connected. I’m hoping I can stay connected with the “peeps” that I met in late November.

  4. I LOVE this graphic, Willa. It’s so helpful. I totally get the frustration. I’m feeling overwhelmed, but took today to get back into the MOOC and read and catch up a bit. AND still feel overwhelmed, but like you, I think I’m learning to celebrate the wins. (Yea! for the new computer!) I love your blog and wish I had now created a blog for this class special–I might be better able to organize my thinking/projects. You and Emily Purser have inspired me to re-think my blog organization. Thanks for this!

  5. Thank you so much for your comment, E.D. I read many blog posts and being self critical, sometimes hesitate to post, thinking that my writing pales in comparison. I am determined to put myself out there, wear my heart on my sleeve and take risks. I haven’t got anything to lose, but much to gain. I value the connections that I’ve made thus far. It’s through these connections that I will grow, hone the skills I have, learn new ones and become a better teacher. That is my hope.

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