First attempt at Quad Blogging

Because I couldn’t insert a video here at WordPress without spending $99 to upgrade my account, my first attempt at quad blogging can be found at

After following Angela J’s suggestion I was able to embed the video from YouTube. I guess I’ll stay blogging at WordPress.


2 thoughts on “First attempt at Quad Blogging

  1. Hi Willa, I went to comment on your blogspot and it redirected back here. Very clever! I will leave a comment on your beautiful post later, but inserting a video in wordpress is easy. I don’t know why you seem to think you need the paid version to do it. In youtube, when you click on share, go to the “embed” code and copy it. I then go to the wordpress page I want to insert into, then switch from visual to html (or maybe it says text), at the top right corner of your page in edit mode, then go to the spot where you want to embed the video widget and paste the embed code there. remember to hit update, and voila!
    See if this works and let me know. Angela

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