Quadbloggers 2

1. Kelcy Allwein http://kelcym.wordpress.com – moderately experienced – blog more on internal office network (since 2005) than on the internet
2. Willa Ryerson https://wryerson.wordpress.com – new blogger
3. Nigel Thomas http://nigelsmooc.blogspot.co.uk/ been blogging for 2 yrs
4. Angela Towwndrow http://angelatowndrow.blogspot.com.au/



I tried to make a menu, with the names and url’s of my quad blogging group. This list will have to suffice. I want to have easy access to these blogs. I am so tired of searching everywhere and still not finding exactly what I was looking for. I am overwhelmed. No, I am more than overwhemled… so overwhelmed I can’t think of a word for it. I am hoping that reading one blog and commenting on it will have a Zen effect. I just read Chris Swift’s comment on Facebook about making a mind map so quad blogging will be easier, more productive?? Why are we making one ? At this point my mind is so full of clutter that I’m not sure anyone would call it a mind. Time to go do something mindless…. until tomorrow then, ta ta.


One thought on “Quadbloggers 2

  1. I’m from EDC MOOC too, my blog is at 7yukari7.blogspot.com. I didn’t undertood yet, how to join a quad, but I like this idea, because it should help to make this process of interaction between students better organised. May I ask you, how this quadblogging works and where should I go to join?

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