Digital culture a definition

Many of my classmates are posting their opinion or definition of digital culture on Wallwisher. I am searching for my definition. Being new to blogging and all things digital except email and FaceBook, my definition may fall short. Digital Culture is how the Internet and World Wide Web have changed our world socially, economically and politically. Through technology we interact, shop, play, entertain, create and view world problems differently.


2 thoughts on “Digital culture a definition

  1. Hi Willa, not sure I really know what my definition of digital culture is, but you are right on about it changing everything. It makes my mind spin in futile circles if I think too deeply about how BIG it all is. I want to shut down sometimes, turn it all off, and go live in a cabin for a year! But then something happens and I want to share… back to Facebook, I go. I’m so glad you mentioned that you are overwhelmed by it all. It really is so BIG. But I love the smallness of the quadblogging. This is making it manageable for me. I have a quad blog group (I’m in #3) and that makes my participation in this MOOC less like standing on the edge of a cliff hoping to not fall off and more like standing on a nice sturdy deck with a cup of tea admiring the view–very far back from the cliff–but I can still see the view!

  2. Thanks E.D. for your comments. Quite frankly, if it weren’t for Chris Swift, Angela, Towndrow and Laurie St.Cyr Leistrath, and their encouraging words I would have jumped off the edcmooc cliff. I am new to all this Tech stuff, I teach students with learning disabilities in an elementary school. I’m at the end of my professional career, but want to use some of this new technology to engage learners and provide some spice to some very routine lessons. I don’t want to be put out to pasture without at least trying some new things. Willa

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