What will I accomplish?

I just read Laurie’s blog http://lsniestrath.wordpress.com/ the second time. I am amazed at all she accomplishes. She states “The most powerful transformation in me will be the shift from one of consumer of information to creation of content. Then it hit me … THAT is exactly what I hope to accomplish from taking the course E-Learning and Digital Cultures. My brain is overflowing with new information. Digesting these concepts and utilizing all the applications should culminate in creation. At this point, my lazy side shows up. Plug me in like they did to Neo in The Matrix. I don’t care about Karate, but I sure would like to be an expert video maker. I’m hoping to create something visual that will help the struggling readers in my class. Some of them already use ipads at school to play games that reinforce reading skills. I was thinking of creating a video using familiar tunes to teach sight words. I don’t have the skills to do that yet, but I will.


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