Building Connections

I just wanted to thank two people in our Edcmooc class who have helped me so much just by leaving a few encouraging comments on this blog. Thanks Chris and Angela. I also appreciate all the effort Chris has put forth so far. The google Earth edcmooc Map, the key points about Moocs, the idea  on how to start my first blog, the helpful twitter link….. I make sure to check your blog and tweets first. I look forward to when our class officially starts.


4 thoughts on “Building Connections

  1. Hopefully we will not all be spent by the time of our official start! In the course I teach, I am thinking of an early startup too, so watching this space with interest to see if the lead in time is too long. I was thinking of a 2-3 week “orientation” period to help build social networks and cohesion in the student group so that the social learning is established before the work begins. Also edcmooc is good to see how an instant group works across all platforms. The facebook group is interesting, instantly more social in nature. Time spent doing too many things though is a worry!!! Angela

  2. Hi Angela, I agree about spending too much time on too many things, as I said before I tend to read everything, well not everything ,but I am not always focused in my choices. Maybe the edcmooc developers wanted to give ample time to folks like me who had never tweeted, blogged, flickrd or you tubed before. I’m also thinking that this lead time will give us a chance to form social learning groups. I assume some of the assessments and evaluations will have peer input. I’m also thinking that when it’s time to create “our visual artefact” of a theme we encountered on our edcmooc journey ,it will involve input from the people we have connected with via twitter and facebook.
    Tips on how to NOT spend time doing too many things are always welcome! 🙂

  3. Hi Willa,
    I have thought about this information overload too. One thing I’m struggling with is the amount of links and articles to read on the internet. A technique I have tried before is to try be more active than passive. So rather than logging and getting hit by the wave of information, I’ll write down what I want, or need, to find out and try and write down an answer myself. That helps you think about a subject and find out where the gaps in thinking are. Then when you do login you’ll be more focussed in what you are looking for.
    I am going to go off and write myself some “rules” that I’ll try and follow. Watch this space!
    And thanks for the mentions in your blog. I reckon the key to a MOOC is making that morass of information more personal by creating our own little stories & ideas and sharing those.

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